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Upcoming Events:

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Time to Focus on You Webinar
Aug 31 2017

TIME TO FOCUS ON YOU Discover the Secrets to Sustained Focus and Follow Through to Create the Life You Desire. And it's a MUST ATTEND if you plan to: [icon name="check-square" class="" unprefixed_class=""] Create goals to FINALLY achieve what matters most to you [icon name="check-square" class

Self-Care Solution Webinar
Jun 29 2017

SELF-CARE SOLUTION WEBINAR When Self-Care Turns to Self-Sabotage: Why it happens and what you can do about it. THIS WEBINAR IS PERFECT FOR YOU, IF... you are using self-care to try to feel better, but it’s just not working you are feeling selfish, guilty or ashamed every time you try to 

Self-Love Seminar
Mar 5 2017

Learn how to enhance and improve your relationship with you, so that everything in your life gets better! This one day seminar is an amazing opportunity for you. A chance to reconnect to what matters to you, to re-establish what is most important and to get back on track in taking great care of yo

6 Month Group Coaching Program
Feb 9 2017

Spend six months with me and you will Claim the CLARITY, the CONFIDENCE, the FREEDOM to Create your Best Life. If you would like to feel more motivated, excited, happy, and successful, this program will literally change how you show up in the world. But First, A Warning Before I tell you anymor

Stop the People Pleasing Pattern. Free 5 Day Challenge
Feb 6 2017

Are you making yourself miserable trying to make everyone else happy? Join me for my FREE 5 Day Challenge. I will teach you how to Break the People Pleasing Pattern. If you are struggling with some or all of these feelings... [icon name="check-circle" class="" unprefixed_class=""] worried all th